0.25 Tesla Bench-top Fast Field Cycling NMR Relaxometer

SMARtracer™ is an innovative, cost-effective, Fast Field Cycling NMR instrument designed to measure the field dependence of the NMR longitudinal spin-lattice relaxation time, T1. The transverse spin-spin relaxation time, T2, may also be measured.
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The SMARtracer™ 0.25 tesla system allows measurement of NMRD profiles from 10 kHz to 10 MHz (1H Larmor frequency) and is capable of measuring fluorine as well as the proton nucleus.

SMARtracer™ is the ideal instrument to exploit the high quantity of information contained in the NMRD profiles acquired by means of Fast Field Cycling NMR relaxometry techniques, in clinical and industrial applications.

SMARtracer™ 0.25 T system features

  • Measurement of relaxation times from a fraction of a millisecond to several seconds
  • Multi-nuclear operations (1H, 19F)
  • Fully automated acquisition of NMRD profiles
  • Efficient and accurate temperature control (range from -140 °C to +140 °C with a 0.1 °C resolution)
  • Minimum operating costs (no cryogenic gases necessary)
  • No complicated sample preparation required
  • Measures solids, liquids, liquid crystals, colloids, complex mixtures
    Note on T2 measurements:
  • The measure of T2 can be performed using a classical CPMG sequence at the acquisition field.
  • The acquisition field and spectrometer frequency can be set continuously to different values according to the nucleus observed and frequency/field ranges
  • The full dependence of T2 on the full range of magnetic field strengths can be studied using special FFC Spin Echo sequences, with some limitations for short T2.

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